MONDAY: Waiting / The Gym


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I pace impatiently in front of the window,
peering outside for you and
your bike on my driveway,
looking away,
only to make time go by faster.
I’ll hear the sound of tire on pavement,
and I’ll feel that accustomed
lurch in the pit of my stomach
as the doorbell rings,
never when I expect it,
but even when I do I still
jump at the sound
every time you come by —
the rush I get as I run — patterpatterpatter —
down the stairs,
the sight of you leaning on my doorframe
through the wonky glass,
the sharp inhale I take as I open the door
as I see you clearly,
smiling sheepishly,
waiting there,
waiting to see me too.


The Gym
sweating bodies
watch sweating bodies
exert all their human strength
in a room full of strangers to see
the range of their monkey abilities,
chin up, chin down, legs out, legs in,
if the end came,
he’d be fittest,
she’d be fittest,
because Fatties won’t fit
on the Arc.

eyes avert as soon as they meet
pretending they don’t care
how fast she’s running on the treadmill,
what level he’s ellipticating on the elliptical,
even though that’s all they care about,
comparing, competing, craving,
all single for the hour,
a Lululemon orgy,
chin up, chin down, legs out, legs in,
gulping at the hot, recycled air
to sustain a body.



  1. Such a beautiful remember when “hit” of being in love feeling in Waiting — Very clever and vivid capturing in verbs and key word sin The Gym..Lululemon la la land well done.

  2. The Gym
    The games the same, but…..
    Doesn’t working out beat the hell out of sitting on a bar stool, another drink in hand, she with 4 inch heels and a skirt a tad longer, he with his metrosexual hairdo and the required cologne both checking out the room……again.

  3. Emma! I am not normally drawn to free verse but you have got it going on! Great work.

  4. I loved Waiting. It describes love. They Gym could be any place in the world. Great job.

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