About the editor

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Nancy Kay Clark, publisher and editor of ezine CommuterLit.com, is an award-winning writer and editor based in Toronto, Canada. She has worked with both non-fiction (magazine) and fiction writers in a career that spans 30 years.

Writing Awards:
Finalist in the CANSCAIP/Writer’s Union of Canada Writing for Children Competition.

Finalist in the Writers’ Union of Canada’s Postcard Story Writing Contest.

1 Gold and 1 other Nomination at the National Magazine Awards

2 Gold and 3 Silver in the Canadian Business Press Kenneth R. Wilson Awards

Editing Highlights:
1 Gold and 1 other Nomination at the National Magazine Awards

What her clients have to say

“Nancy delivered what every writer needs, someone to stand back from their work and provide clarity to the areas we are struggling with. She provides wise and thorough counsel on the entire manuscript.” — Trish Knox

“I am very satisfied with Nancy’s critique service.  I found her comments clear and constructive and was happy that they addressed many of the narrative elements.  When she pointed out an issue with my writing she also provided possible solutions which helped me to immediately rethink and rework my piece with a fresh perspective. Overall, I found her critique service affordable and her comments informed and relevant, and I would not hesitate to use it again.” — Sandra Ziemniak

“A writer’s perception and objectivity can become skewed after working and re-working a story. Following numerous revisions I needed fresh eyes. Experience and keen editing skills enabled Nancy Kay Clark to hone in immediately to my weak areas. Her critique proved valuable and will be used as a checklist for future stories.” — Phyllis Humby. Phyllis’ story that was critiqued, “Whiskey Nights,” captured second spot, earning $1500, in the YMM national short story competition.

“I used the editorial service for one of my stories. [Nancy Kay Clark’s] feedback was invaluable to me. I particularly benefitted from her comments about the pace of my story and her advice on how to correct the problems. After reading her critique, I felt as if I had taken a quick writing course, but with personalized feedback. I feel I am growing as a writer with her help.” — Nancy Boyce

“I have never figured out how to tell stories as conversations rather than narratives. The style doesn’t come naturally to me. I knew that this was a weakness in my writing, but have avoided dealing with it. [Nancy Kay Clark’s] suggestions have lead me back to some of my favourite short story authors like Alice Munro to re-read them focusing on how to craft stories through dialogue. I appreciate the kick in the pants that I needed to confront this flaw and deal with it.” — Libby Dawson

“I received feedback on one of my short stories just a few weeks ago, and I was quite satisfied with it. I particularly liked the fact that [Nancy was] specific with her critique and that she gave such a lengthy response. I appreciated her praise, but more than that, I appreciated the skillful way in which she pointed out the weaknesses in my work, and gave concrete examples of how to improve. I will certainly be using [the editorial critique] service in the future.” — Jeanette Winsor (The second draft of Jeanette’s story Bereft was accepted for posting on CommuterLit.)

“I found [Nancy Kay Clark’s] comments extremely insightful.” — Brandon Kidd

“Nancy Kay Clark edited part of my novel [in progress]. She cared about making my story better and has the skills to make it better. She provided me with helpful advice on tone, voice and character motivation and development. Also, while copy editing my manuscript she knew how to keep my voice intact and edited my novel with an open mind.” — Jenny  Zhou

“Nancy Kay Clark edited a number of my short stories and is currently working on my latest untitled novel. Every text that I have shared with Nancy benefited from her professionalism, invaluable assistance and guidance. She is dedicated, responsible and supportive. Nancy is a writer herself, which allows her to understand your text. She is very proficient at locating inconsistencies, gaps and other technical mistakes in your text. At the proof-editing stage, she makes the utmost effort to adhere to the original text. I have worked with Nancy for the past four years and I find her assistance very constructive, integral and beneficial. — Altug Cakmakci

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