Editorial and Critique Services


Feedback is gold for new writers, but very few literary magazines or ezines will tell you why they rejected your manuscript.

But how’s a writer supposed to improve, if no one offers any feedback? CommuterLit.com has come up with a solution. There is, of course, no fee to submit your manuscript for consideration for publication on CommuterLit.com. But if you would like to receive a two-page critique on your prose submission from CommuterLit.com’s editor, Nancy Kay Clark, a nominal fee of $50 (including applicable taxes) will be charged. Sorry, we cannot accept poetry for evaluation at this time.

Critique Service for Longer Manuscripts:

Up to 8,000 words: $85 (including applicable taxes)

Up to 12,000 words: $145 (including applicable taxes)

Mentoring Service:

This program is for those who would like to work with CommuterLit editor, Nancy Kay Clark, on one single short story in more depth and for an extended period of time. The service includes an initial two-page editorial critique, and two follow up critiques after rewrites, allowing you to work with Nancy to take your story from first to third (final) draft. The service costs $85 (including applicable taxes).

And if you would like a quick critique of a query letter you plan to send off to a literary agent, book or magazine publisher, Nancy will be happy to oblige for a nominal fee of $15 (including applicable taxes). Tips on writing query letters.

This money will help cover the cost of website maintenance and the editor’s time.

As well, Nancy Kay Clark offers other editorial services, including manuscript evaluation. Fees vary depending on the extent and length of the work. Interested? Please contact us for more information and an estimate.

If you would like a critique, use our online service by clicking below. We will assume you are submitting your manuscript for possible publication on CommuterLit.com in addition to wanting the critique. If you want the critique only, and don’t want to submit for publication yet, let us know in your cover letter.

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