Writing Contests

CommuterLit has four writing contests per year. The top five submissions in each contest are posted on CommuterLit and receive cash prizes:

First-place: CA$100
Second-place: CA$50
(3) Honourable Mentions: CA$25

Valentines Week 2024 — Love Stories (max. word count of 4,000), held in February. Read the winning entries:

First-place: “Postmodern Infatuation as Lactose for the Intolerant” by Andreea Ceplinschi
Second-place: “A Long Way from Wolverhampton” by Michael Joll
Runner-up: “The Dance Before the Wedding” by Sara Siddiqui-Chansarkar
Runner-up: “Bullseye” by Julie Eger
Runner-up: “Crack” by Alan Caldwell

Poetry Week 2024 — Poem or series of poems (max. word count 1000), held in March and April. Read the winning entries:

First-place: “Frosted Bar Crawl” by Madi Morelli
Second-place: “Death of a Poet” by Jennifer Handy
Runner-up: “The Flight” and other poems  by Jacob Quint
Runner-up: “Stepping into the Stream” by Brendan Praniewicz
Runner-up: “Bike Trail Songs” by Jeanne Blum Lesinski

Flash Fiction Week 2024 — Flash Fiction stories (max. word count 500). Submission window: May 6 – 27. Winners will be posted on CommuterLit the week of June 3-7, 2024.

Halloween Week 2024 — Scary stories (max. word count 4,000). Submission window: Sept. 30 – Oct. 21. Winners will be posted on CommuterLit the week of Oct. 28 – Nov. 1, 2024.