MONDAY: First Date


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It was around 2 am when your face began to change.

At 9 pm, when I met you, you looked pretty unremarkable.
Kind of like a boy I knew from elementary school –
Symmetrical features,
Fairly handsome:
An Everyman boy.

Then I got used to your face and noticed its
Sweet peculiarity.
Freckles dusting your nose,
Flushed December cheeks,
And wispy hair made you seem
A delicate sort of man.

But at 2 am,
After you told me
About the snow angels you made with your sister
Last winter,
Something changed.
I blinked when we were close –
My vision going blurry, unblurry, then blurry again –
And I saw your features evolve.
Your jawline hardened,
The skin around your eyes creased,
And you no longer reminded me of that boy I knew
From elementary school.

But then you brought up politics,
Making an angry face that didn’t suit you,
And like that you seemed a delicate boy again.

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