TUESDAY: Winter Message


Copyright is held by the author.

the pristine 
dusting of snow 
beckons to me
from the empty parking lot

a glorious blank canvas 
primed by Mother Nature 

I step carefully
into the sacred space 

then shuffle through the snow
leaving a trail 
of exposed pavement 
in a wide upward arc


I halt momentarily
at the halfway mark

make a simple v 

then continue — 
shuffling in a downward arc
to close the gap


a winter message, left 
for others passing by 
a gentle reminder 
that love prevails
in the heart 
of the longest 
shortest month


Image of Florence Niven

Florence Niven lives in Kingston, Ontario with her husband Don. Her recently published Step Into This Day – Thoughts on Connection is a compilation of 70 of her poems that explore gratitude, love and loss. She has also written a children’s book called Her Down was Up and Her Up was Down. 

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