MONDAY: Face-Off


Copyright is held by the author.

My now-old classmate,
new to social media, never found
fortune or fame working as a dental
nurse but has recently found influencers,
a stream of effluent to paddle and share.
Having drifted to misfit, fringe crusaders,
my dear (in the headlights) “friend” now
dwells in and spruiks an ethereal holy land
where shorn sheep swear allegiance
to weird flags, fossils, freedom to frack
and tote and piss on democracy if it has
the nerve to tax some Prophet’s profits.
And she thinks she’ll recruit me.


Image of Allan Lake

Allan Lake is a migrant poet from Allover, Canada who now lives in Allover, Australia. Coincidence. He has published poems in 20 different countries. His latest chapbook of poems, entitled My Photos of Sicily, was published by Ginninderra Press. It contains no photos, only poems.

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