TUESDAY: From: a Temp Job in London Earning Money for Return To: a Tiny Wintry Studio Aparment in New York


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Saw gulls reflected
In windows and thought of you
Proof of the ocean


Beautiful lighthouse
Built on rocks of daydreams I
Stole to be with you


I seem to wear the
Silliest smile when I talk
Of you to strangers


I’d close my eyes and
Be led down a New York street
By you anytime


You’re a lullaby
For my insomniac bones
Be my next good night


Image of J. E A. Wallace, in a park, leaning against a building. He's wearing a blue polo shirt and a summer fedora.

J.E.A. Wallace has been a hotel night manager, a car park security guard, and a barman in The House of Lords. Born and raised in England, he now lives and writes in America. His work has been published in Asimov’s and The American Journal of Poetry among many others, and his debut full-length poetry collection Are You Hurtling Towards God Knows What? is available now from Unsolicited Press.

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  1. So romantic.
    Would be a dream to have someone love me like that.
    Well done!

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