FRIDAY NOTES & NEWS: Haloween Week 2023 Submissions

Halloween Week 2023 contest winners will be announced in CL‘s newsletter this coming Monday (Oct. 30). The Top Five will be posted on CL throughout that week. Usually the First Place winner is posted on Monday, but this time the Second Place winner will get the Monday slot, while the First Place winner will be posted, of course, on Halloween (Tuesday, Oct. 31). Thank you everyone for submitting your scary story to our contest. It was tough to decide on just five — and reading so many creepy stories had us feeling jumpy the whole week. Those entries that did not make the cut will now be considered as a General Submission (unless you tell us otherwise), and we will be in touch in the next couple of weeks.

Self-editing and Rewriting feedback
Thanks also to those who emailed us or left comments on last Friday’s post about what in the self-editing and rewriting process gives them the most trouble. The feedback has been very helpful.

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