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SEPTEMBER HAS rolled around again and my calendar has started filling up. It’s going to be a busy Fall. In between housework, family and work commitments, and my commitment to myself to carry on with my own writing projects, I don’t have a lot of time for much else. Nevertheless, I try to block out some time every week for play. Doing something fun just for fun is not frivolous. I find it’s essential—to keep my spirits, energy and motivation up and my mind creative. It feeds my soul and that in turn fees my writing. Try it. Get out there and have some fun.

Looking for feedback?
Our CommuterLit Writing Circle monthly meetings restarted this week. To make such meetings feasible and effective, three to six people need to join. We are looking for a couple of other members to start up another group. If you are looking for a new supportive writers group to join, this would be a good place to start. Email us at admin-at-commuterlit-dot-com.

Looking for a Fall read?

Check out our Book Store page, listing titles all written by contributors, as well as one by the editor. 

Contributor News
Empire Builder by new contributor Edward Sheehy is back in stock at the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts. Empire Builder is the name of an Amtrak train route that stretches from Chicago to Seattle. Empire Builder is also the moniker bestowed upon James Jerome Hill, a railroad baron in the Gilded Age, who popularized the gospel of Commerce and Christianity. Empire Builder chapbook explores the historical and literary roots underpinning the philosophy of capitalist exploitation and its impact on Indigenous populations through absurdist conversations with figments of the traveler’s imagination.

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