FRIDAY NOTES & NEWS: Is It Effective to Work on More Than One Writing Project at a Time?

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In the Spring I’m restless and recently I’ve had a bad case of “jump-eye-tis”, where I find myself jumping from one writing project to another (and back again and over to a third or a fourth). But I don’t feel I’m making any progress on any of them. So what should I do? Force myself to only work on one project? Or just accept the fact that for a couple of weeks at least, I’ll be dancing around my projects, playing with this character or that plot point until my mood changes? Heaven knows, writing is difficult enough, but when you’re warring with your own personality it becomes even harder. Most of the time, I’m able to muster up enough self discipline to keep to one project until completion. But somehow, in the Spring, when the garden beckons, I can’t.

What do you do to keep on track? I’d be grateful for any and all suggestions. Leave a comment below.

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  1. Not only do I switch from writing a novel to short stories to essays and nonfiction, I have to constantly update my website and write my blog, to do what has to be done: publicize. I don’t much mind the writing aspect, even if it is fatiguing, but the updating of a website, to reflect new acceptances of fiction or nonfiction, can be tiresome, like work, and, as for writing a blog, I need to think about topics to write about and not just write, which could be easy enough to do, but readers want value from what they are reading.

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