THURSDAY: Five Short Pieces


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how beauty begins
how beauty begins
with the scar. Grit
worried into pearl

splinter of sun
off broken glass

nothing but cold
silence left.

behind us   our
shadows touch

as you walk away

after you left
after you left
I curled into
the fading warmth
of your sleep

to the rain falling
in the dark
all around

if I told you
if I told you
I was lost

you would think
there was a place
I was going

and that once
I knew the way.

ten minutes before
the alarm
goes off

I turn
in the darkness

bury my face
two inches deeper
into sleep

don’t mistake crazy
for stupid

two different animals

stupid will get you lost
waste your time

crazy knows how
you think, hates
to be laughed at

follows you home


Image of Ken Cathers, in a blue-striped polo shirt.

Ken Cathers has a  B.A. from the University of Victoria and a M.A. from York University in Toronto.  He has been published in numerous periodicals, anthologies and has just released his eighth book of poetry, entitled Home Town with Impspired Press of England. He has also recently published a chapbook with broke press in Canada. and has another chapbook, entitled Legoland Noir forthcoming from Block Party Press in Toronto. His work has appeared in publications in Canada, the U. S., Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland and Africa. Most recently it has   appeared in Zoetic Press, Wool Gathering Review, The MacGuffin and thewildword. He lives on Vancouver Island with his family in a small colony of trees.

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