FRIDAY NOTES & NEWS: The Importance of Consistency

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I woke up the other day and realized I have the attention span of a toddler. My short story is getting harder and harder to write. So do I strap myself down into my chair and work through it? Hell no, I start a bright shiny new story. I start Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, post twice and then get bored or forget about them. I buy new software to format ebooks, or launch a new website, but then get stuck on some technical thing, and leave it half done. And let’s not forget the pernicious distractions of streaming services and social media scrolling. It’s no wonder I seem to be running around in circles and don’t get anything done. 

Sound familiar? More and more I realize how consistency, faith in oneself and incremental progress are so important. I tell myself this every day. Sometimes it stops me from giving in to all the distractions of the world — sometimes it doesn’t. But I’m working on it. 

What are your strategies to keep your mind on your goals? Let me know!

Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday
We’ll be taking Canadian Thanksgiving Monday (Oct. 10) off. That means the first post and the newsletter that week will appear on Tuesday, Oct. 11.

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  1. Thanks Nancy for that, makes me feel normal. I can spend a whole day avoiding my writing.

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