MONDAY: Covid?!


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— Covid?

— Yes.

— Covid, really?

— Yes, Covid.

— You’ve got to be kidding.

— I’m not, it’s Covid.

— Jen, you can’t do this!   

— Why not, it’s my choice.

— Yeah, but . . .

— It’s my freedom to choose, isn’t it?

— Yeah, but nobody does this.

— Well, I’m the first.

— Jen, you can’t. You just can’t name your new baby Covid.

— Why not? I like the name.

— As always, you’re crazy.

— I think Covie, for short, is cute. Don’t you? And my baby is very cute.

— Yeah, the baby is a darling. And Covie is cute. But you can’t name this girl Covid . . . Uh, it’s like naming her Plague, or Bucolic, or Ebola.

— Humm, Ebola, that sounds rather ?

— Jen! What does the father say?

— I don’t know who the father is, and neither does he. There are a few possibilities.

— Don’t you want to know? Doesn’t he, whoever he is?

— I’m sure they all will deny anything. You know guys. Basically jerks, and only good for one thing. And I got what I wanted, here in my arms. None of the possible dads will care what I call her.

— You always were one-of-a-kind Jen. That’s one reason I like you.

— I’ll take that as a compliment, I guess. Anyway, you’re a good friend.

— OK, Jen, it’s your life. It’s your kid. Go for it. Covid it is! Hi, Covie . . . um . . .

— Humm, then again, Ebolie is sort of cute too . . . uh . . . don’t ya . . . uh . . .


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Dee Artea found a creative voice at the age of 77, two years ago, from which emerged a variety of short stories and poems — some of which have been published in online journals and magazines. For Dee, who lives in Winnipeg,  the act of writing ever entails amusement and gratification – whether or not the works appear in print.

  1. Love it! Very creative!

  2. Certainly different!

  3. This is hilarious!

  4. LOVE this light-hearted take on viruses and motherhood! Short, sweet, and to the point! Enjoyed this very much!

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