FRIDAY: Earthquake


Copyright is held by the author.

Out of nowhere,
the earth shakes
from some underground upset —
the crack of a wall,
the splitting of a parking lot,
a falling bridge,
keep us apart.

Then Earth calms just as suddenly as it ruptured.
But the neighborhood’s a shipwreck.
Some stunned. Some crying.
These are all my people now
when before there was just the one.

I have not seen you since the weekend.

What I’m saying is
this is a rescue poem,
a sympathy poem,
a patch-up poem,
a healing poem.

Only later,
when some normalcy has returned,
can it be a love poem.


Image of John Grey in a t-shirt

John Grey is an Australian poet, U.S. resident, recently published in Sheepshead Review, Stand, Poetry Salzburg Review and Hollins Critic. His latest books, Leaves On Pages, Memory Outside The Head and Guest of Myself are available through Amazon. Work upcoming in Ellipsis, Blueline and International Poetry Review.

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