FRIDAY NOTES & NEWS: Flash Fiction Call for Submissions

Flash Fiction week
Our Flash Fiction Week will be in early April. Submissions deadline is end of day, Friday, March 25. 

Stories must be no more than 500 words long. Submit through the General Submissions portal, but please indicate in your cover letter you are submitting for Flash Fiction Week 2022. If you’ve already submitted a flash fiction story and would now like it to be considered for Flash Fiction Week, let us know by email through Submittable.

Submit here.

Answers to the Question: Is Art Relevant?
Thank you to all who emailed us or left a comment on the site answering editor Nancy Kay Clark’s question from last week: Is art relevant these days? 

Here are a few of your answers:

“…Doesn’t it come down to asking; Who is my reader? And why am I writing this story? And, perhaps, most importantly, how can I make my story satisfying for my reader?…” — Michael Joll

“I take the view that anyone in the creative fields should say their piece, as they see it. Their market has the choice whether to accept it or not. If you feel to write in any particular genre or sub set — go for it, but be true to yourself and don’t pander to culture just to be published, irrespective of the age of the target market. Is art relent now? Absolutely and always will be.” — Anthony Billinghurst

“To create art is to connect with the Divine. It is a renewable energy source. In this way, such work is not toil but a necessity for life. Art is a representation of beauty in the world. Beauty need not always be aesthetic pleasure — it is something much more. It is a representation of Truth — deep and universal — that transcends the mundane, the conflict-ridden, and the identity-bound. In those moments when we experience beauty, we thrive.” — Pauline Shen

Read more answers here (Scroll to the comments section at the bottom of the page).

March Break schedule
CommuterLit will be taking March Break (March 14-18) off. Our last post before the break will be this Friday, March 11.

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