FRIDAY NOTES & NEWS: Looking for Inspiration?

FEELING UNINSPIRED? Try these tips to kick start a new story:

 Dip into your old journals—you know the ones you’ve been keeping to chronicle your daily observations about life around you, or to jot down dreams, brilliant ideas you get in the shower, and conversations you’ve overheard. Don’t have a journal? Get one. Make it small enough to carry around with you all the time (or use your cell phone).

2. Read over your “Darlings” file — the one where you keep all your clever bits of writing that didn’t quite make it into your last few stories. Or pick over your old unfinished stories. Something there maybe?

3. Sign up for a daily or weekly writing prompt. 

4. Read these great book hooks.

5. Read obituaries—people’s life stories (both celebrity and non-celebrity) can be very inspiring.

Holiday Schedule
This year, CommuterLit will be on holidays between Monday, Dec. 20, 2021 and Monday, Jan. 10, 2022. The January critique group meetings will take place the week we’re back.

Contributor News

Have any events, readings or launches coming up? Let CL know and we’ll post in the next newsletter and in this spot next Friday. Email your news to admin-at-commuterlit-dot-com.

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