MONDAY: I Envy the Unencumbered


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I envy the unencumbered
their lack of baggage, backpacks, purses
and three bags for a two-hour commute.

      How to fathom
             A credit card
             And sunglasses
Being all that one brings aboard a plane?

My carry-on is stuffed with fears
of nothing
             to read
             to write with
                         or on.

An extra scarf, hat, and two sets of underwear (I know not why) and
travel toothpaste and hand cream
should my checked baggage lag.

I dream of being unencumbered

I practice one-bag travel
and fail

One empty bag
             at least
is needed
for the return haul
            of books, spices, teas
handwoven somethings
new notebooks and novelty pen
and excellent hotel pens.

How is that always the case?
That even middling hotels
have the most superlative of pens?

I wonder.

  1. I feel this poem in my bones. Love it!

  2. Interesting noodle. It reminds me of traveling in the 80s and leaves me wondering what we have lost in between the checked luggage and the carryon culture.

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