FRIDAY: Trick or . . . ?


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EVERY HALLOWEEN, I find at the door a cluster of shoving children in their unimpressive department store costumes and demanding treats. This time, I was surprised to find one adult in what had to be a unique costume. She had long fangs with froth dripping from her mouth, which was an amazing technical accomplishment. What really caught my attention, though, were the flaming red eyes. How could she create those eyes, unless she had installed LEDs in some kind of lens?

“I’ve come from the cemetery to get you,” she said in a growling voice. Her breath had the odor of freshly turned earth and she smelled as if she had been two months too long in the refrigerator.

“Sorry mother, I didn’t recognize you. You are looking much better.”

  1. Weird. Creepy. Perfect.

  2. Creepy and a good laugh. Nice work.

  3. Oh! ????. I really enjoyed that! Thanks!

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