TUESDAY: Towards Zero


Copyright is held by the author.

O hated zero, unlike any, consort to infinity, struggling with choices, you can make any, yet you create a binary to sit
on my computer

O guileless carpenter, building a home for your wife, carried with the moon tides, out to sea, clinging to love-waves, thinking of you when the breath went out

O grieving birds, at the end of spring, your caressed twigs, united efforts, your dainties scattered, holding to upturned nest and cursing the wind

O nameless sailor, at the foot of a ghostly bluff, flung by comber, following to the lighthouse, like fly to fire, drifting away, in dying adores it more

O kindled bees, making scented honey, busy and attached, circles it fuller, the nesting hive of inheritance, and when nothing’s at stake, kisses it last

O mother fairies, of orphaned babies, showing the way in
unhappy wilderness, clasping shaky hands, connecting to gods, for time and again,

O friend, o my lover, if it meant giving everything I have, it’d still be you, on this journey, to travel this earth, and meet again in afterlives, as entwined souls.

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