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Earlier in this book
of my life
one night I left her;
some stupid fight,
ruthless, important in my own mind
my reasons seemed clear;
so long ago,
one moonlit white night,
one Christmas so green,
a foolish lad, more foolish mistake,
a dunce, her tears fell, I remember
the bells of a nearby church ringing,
the singing of children;
the door banged shut and
I was gone.

She remains in my heart,
steady in place
like a vessel’s figurehead;
a lovely girl with soft cheeks
and white breasts standing there
always before me;
open for mourning her always
I never return.

  1. Wooh, I can identify with this. Those short lines really push it home. Thank you.

  2. Such a short piece to pack such a big punch. Love the visuals.

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