WEDNESDAY: All Hallow’s Evie


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WE GORGE ourselves on the scents and sounds of the street market. On every stall rows of amber glowing pumpkin heads leer at us, pyramids of witches’ hats threaten to topple, a skeleton busker dances a jig, whilst in amongst the crowds, tiny ghouls and demons duck and dive. We smile indulgently at their antics.

They are so innocent, so . . . unknowing. I envy them.

From behind the grey-shadowed church walls we hear the notes of a lone piper. Lured over, we make our way through the long grasses engulfing the tombstones. Amongst them I glimpse skinny shadows flitting. I blink and they are gone.

You tug at my hand. You are so eager to join them. In response I grip your hand tightly. I will not let you go. I feel a sob rise up.

No, stay with me. I know you can hear my thoughts, we are so close, you and I.

A bedraggled child steps forward. She’s unkempt, filthy-haired with dark pools where her eyes should be. She’s so thin you can see the fading daylight through her. She beckons and ventures a pitiful smile, showing rotted teeth and a glimpse of a black tongue. I recoil from the sight of her, but you do not. Instead you reach out and take the girl’s bony hand and stroke her hair.

The invisible piper’s music soars to a crescendo and I know you cannot resist. Not on this night, when the dead are roaming and have come calling for the lost. I can hear their whispers in the graveyard: “Join us . . . We need you . . . You are one of us.”

I have to let you go. It is time. Selfishly, I have kept you with me, chained by my love and by my desire to hold onto you.

“Goodbye Eve,” I whisper and you drift away, melting into the shadows.

A raven flies up from a tombstone, spreading feathery wings and tears roll down my cheeks. I slip through the lych gate and am submerged again in the sounds and smells of the street festival.

A small human child, dressed as a vampire approaches me, with his mum standing guard. “Trick-or-treat, mister?” he lisps.

His two front teeth are missing, but on him it’s cute. I reach into my pocket and pull out a pound coin, and with it Evie’s handkerchief. I press the coin into the vampire’s sticky palm and lift the hanky to my nose.

I smell my late wife’s perfume, the lavender undertones and I am comforted.

  1. Ghostly and ghastly.

  2. Beautifully evocative.

  3. Thank you to Doug, Moira and Sylvia for reading and commenting so positively on my mini Halloween story- glad it was suitably creepy. Alyson Faye

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