WEDNESDAY: Waking to Rain in the Night


Copyright is held by the author.

Late last night rolls
of thunder
punctuated by
javelins of lightning
in a dark sky
awaken me
again and again.
I try to hide from
Noises, my fear.
Ears covered by my pillow
scathing shafts of light
reach trough my eyelids.
Giving up, I go to the window,
watch the outside world
through raised blinds
until dark scrim greys
spreads out where blue
sky is supposed to be.
Grey, a middle ground
between dark and light,
a truce between elemental
forces of day and dark of night
lightning has stopped.
Rain no longer pounds.
Gently now,
tapping on the roof,
it hums to me.
Sun has still not
made its presence felt.
Birds have not taken up their posts
on this grey morning.
I step carefully down the stairs
in half-light
to awaken myself with coffee.
Once the cherished cup
warms my hand,
I walk to the kitchen window,
discover night is again
battling with day for dominance.
Sky darkens again
from grey to black.
Thunder, lightning team up again.
Day’s light will prevail, I tell myself.
I pray it will.

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