WEDNESDAY: We All Fall Down


Copyright is held by the author.

as a child
I aspired
and the goal was
to go up up up

in seriousness
to structured views
of so many things

now, in this sudden
I know I must
fall down
the full length of
my gritty

and meet you all on
the basement floor

where communal
freedom sparks
creative waves

our signals ring out
to each other’s
seemingly impenetrable

using the gestures
of past experience
as a network

to sneak those
inspiring words
past all the walls
layered around our hearts

  1. I like the way this takes us up, then down, avoiding the feeling of being ‘down’. The short lines and line breaks convey that feeling of a world that is uncertain, yet we are sending out and receiving words of comfort. Simple, but layered.
    Thank you.

  2. PS… and of course the title’s reference to the nursery rhyme that is supposed to have come from the 17th century London (UK) plague… 🙂

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