MONDAY: Monday


Copyright is held by the author.

On Monday we put down our cat
Who is now everywhere fully absent
Except for her scent and our sadness
On Tuesday a wild turkey sashayed across our backyard
Ignoring the crazed snow-bearing wind
Elegant, the Earl of Stride
On Wednesday morning Uta wakes me up
Shhh, she says, they have incredible hearing
Five deer, three adults, two young’ns
Shyly step through the orchard
On their way towards the forest to the north
On Wednesday morning I see the first grosbeak of the season
Taking shelter under the low spreading juniper
It is still Wednesday morning
And none of this has anything to do
With crises or curves
Or the wild unpredictable nature
Of viruses and gunshots

  1. Beautifully evocative. Well done.

  2. I loved this poem Harry. Thank you – it brightened my Monday.

  3. Lovely. It does what I think poetry should do, evoke a feeling in the reader. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Life continues to happen in spite of the great fears. This message is well written in your poem. Well done!

  5. Loved it. Thanks for making my day!

  6. I felt a moment of calm. Thanks for the poem.

  7. Thanks for all your kind words.

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