TUESDAY: Up on that Damp Bed


Copyright is held by the author.

for Nicholas

some nights in a storm
when there’s no money
to fix the roof

or soaked with fever dreams
and visions known only to Blake
or the meth man up the street

or crying a river
over the loss of one thing
or another that breaks the world

or the baby coming early, too early

or the river rising all around
the dark room in the night

or incontinence that visits
so cruelly in later years

at least we can be thankful
for one thing, that soon enough
the bed will shift and shudder
and begin to float away
into a calm morning

  1. Thought provoking and concise.

  2. I often have a hard time with pieces that encourage you to curl up in a corner and weep. Isn’t writing supposed to be some kind of affirmation of hope and redemption? But then I suppose the act of writing is an affirmation in and of itself, no matter the content.
    That said, really well executed.

  3. I am puzzled by the ending. There is much that I do not understand.

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