THURSDAY: Part Three — Do You Know Me?


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I’m standing up on post
At work, now
Working for Securitas Security
In February
I’m wearing a red top
Covered with a black jacket
I’m wearing black uniform pants
I have new black shoes on
From Wal-mart
Dr, Scholl’s
I’m very comfortable
Right, now
On my left side, I here loud music playing
I’m looking at, a band inside the bar, on 4th
Street Live
So, many people inside there
Having fun, dancing, eating, drinking, talking
I turned around, now
Looking forward
Two young men coming off the parking lot
One of them
Approaching me, asking me
About a Japanese restaurant
I don’t know where it is
Never heard of it
This day is my first
Night on the job here
On 4th Street Live
This young man is standing, very
Close to me and staring at me
And facing me
Both young men
Finally left to fine that
Japanese restaurant
I been working in this area
Finally all the places
About to close on Fourth Street Live
Both young men are coming
Before, leaving
One of them
Said, I love you, to me
He doesn’t know me
I don’t know him
I’m thinking maybe, intuition
Maybe, been drinking
Then he said,
I think I love you
All three of us
Are guessing
First my age
They want me to guess
Their age
One of them, I said twenty-eight
The other one twenty-five
I’m pretty close
In their ages
I didn’t tell them my age
At all
Both of them were guessing
Never close of guessing my age
One of them
Like my body
My hair
My teeth
I don’t know, why
He standing close to me
Both of them are leaving, now
One of them, still stares at me
He gets in the elevator
And kneeled, still looking at me
He wants to ask me
To marry him
I’m staring at him, looking
Until the elevator closes
Both young men are gone

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  1. I really like the building suspense and the ending that leaves it hanging with a what if. Will they meet up again? Great!

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