FRIDAY: Holiday Baking


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I PROMISE this year I will get to the holiday baking — except maybe the fruitcake. I’ll introduce you to the tortiere my grandmother always made to eat after Midnight Mass. I will dig out Mum’s recipe for gingerbread. We’ll make those chocolate-chip cookies you like. We’ll wrap up our shortbread in wax paper and ribbons and give them to the neighbours. You can take pictures and post them to Instagram or Snapchat or whatever. You can crack the eggs and mix the batter — okay, okay, I’ll stop. I’ll stop. Just please come home. I’ll let you lick the spoon.

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Happy holidays!

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  1. And a merry little Christ(hic!)mas to you, Nancy, and to all the CommuterLit family of contributors and readers. Please feed the reindeer.

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