MONDAY: Missed Connections


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L.A. Weekly Classifieds — Bulletin Board
Thursday June 4, 2015

We had a nice chat as u were driving the bus, u gave me a discount too off the fare and i was satisfied by ur great service for a passenger keeping me happy as u driving me to my stop, i want to connect with u and have a coffee if u aren’t busy one day driving a Metro bus thanks and btw i should have asked for ur number but u were busy driving so yeah.

L.A. Weekly Classifieds — Bulletin Board
Thursday June 11, 2015

Whoa that was crazy i never do that but i guess it didn’t bother u that i wrote it cuz u didn’t say anything to me so i guess it was ok haha but u didn’t say anything about going for coffee too so maybe ur not ready which is ok i guess and it will just maybe take some time so we can just keep talking like we do right now except maybe next time not just about bus rates going up like other stuff too instead

L.A. Weekly Classifieds — Bulletin Board
Thursday June 18, 2015

u were talking today and i liked it and it felt good like we were really connected but then u said i had to move back behind the line and that old lady told me to have a seat and i said no it wasn’t her business if i was standing or sitting and she never talks to me except that anyway and we were having a nice talk and she ruined it but i have a secret to tell u its that i already know all the routes and the schedule and where to transfer isn’t that funny but it was just so nice to be talkin to u and i didn’t want u to stop so i just kept askin u things like as if i didn’t no it but i did isn’t that funny? right anyways thats it hopefully that nosy old lady minds her business next time 2

L.A. Weekly Classifieds — Bulletin Board
Thursday June 25, 2015

I miss u on the weekends do u no that? when ur not driving the weekend drivers are grumpy i don’t know why they do it if they aint happy about it but i guess there are lots of people who dont like what they does but does it anyhow cuz they have to do it i think but i don no cuz i’ll tell u something no maybe not maybe next time

L.A. Weekly Classifieds — Bulletin Board
Thursday July 2, 2015

I keep waiting for u to ask me to go for coffee but u don’t ask why don’t u ask? im old fashioned i guess cuz i think the guy has to ask and u r older so i think u think that 2 even tho u still haven’t asked me cuz i think it would be good and then we could sit and talk more cuz u wouldn’t have to keep looking at the road and we wouldn’t get interrupted when someone wanted to get on the bus and also maybe then we could talk about other things than the bus u no. Its ok tho if u want to cuz i no lots about the bus. i’m going to tell u another secret i no lots about the bus maybe everything not cuz i studied buses in school or anything like that its cuz i ride the bus a lot like a lot a lot here’s the secret its what i do everyday all day i ride around and so i get to see how it works all the people and where they go and the things they do and the world outside as it goes by each day and so if u want to just keep talking about the bus thats ok too cuz i know lots of things specially on the 205 line like what day the old man with the elephant head cane gets his groceries and that the girl with the 2 bratty kids has something going on with the guy who from the movie store so we can talk about the bus cuz i know lots of stuff but not like how to fix it or stuff like that tho.

L.A. Weekly Classifieds — Bulletin Board
Thursday July 9, 2015

where were u this week it wasnt the same without u will i see u again i don’t no but i hope u didn’t change routes haha that would suck i still want to drink a coffee with u ok bye.

L.A. Weekly Classifieds — Bulletin Board
Thursday July 16, 2015

im worried about u cuz i still haven’t seen u where did u go i even checked some of the routes i don’t usually go on cuz they make me nervous haha but i didn’t see u anywhere i just want to know if ur ok right so maybe just answer me ok where are u? The other driver is weird and just looked funny at me when i ask about u i hope ur back soon

L.A. Weekly Classifieds — Bulletin Board
Thursday July 23, 2015

What did i do that was so bad i don’t understand u acted like u didn’t even care i was so worried and u just laughed and said u were on vacation then told me to take my seat like it was nothin i was so worried about u cuz i didn’t know where u were but im glad ur ok but still i was worried

L.A. Weekly Classifieds — Bulletin Board
Thursday July 30, 2015

i don’t no whats going on cuz u wont talk to me and thats not fair i think we should go for coffee cuz we need to talk so that things will be better plz don’t be mad i hope ur not and im sorry but i don’t no what to do and i wish u wd just talk to me please
L.A. Weekly Classifieds — Bulletin Board
Thursday August 6, 2015

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Wednesday August 12, 2015

I’m taking a chance that you might see this here. I take the 205 with you. You smiled at me and gave me your seat. I’ve been thinking about you a lot. You’re always by yourself, like me. I see you chatting with the driver and you seem like a nice person. I think we might get along well. But I’m too shy to introduce myself and you haven’t been on the bus lately. So I’m hoping you will see this. I’d like to meet you for lunch sometime, my treat. I know this might seem strange, a complete stranger asking you to lunch. But how different is it from meeting someone randomly at a bar? I’ve been thinking about this for so long that I feel like I already know you. If you’d like to meet me, I’ll wait for you at the coffee shop near your stop on Saturday at 1pm. Hoping we can get to know each other.

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  1. Wow! Original, creative, and a story that caught my interest right away and kept me hooked throughout. Great job with character building – I think I’ve seen that lonely person before.

  2. Just excellent

  3. A novel (to me) way to structure a story 🙂

  4. An interesting aura of menace to the story. I liked the original style.

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