THURSDAY: it’s a green bottle, looking glass world & Light Opens the Landscape


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it’s a green bottle, looking glass world
after the interminable infernal white season
it’s shocking to look out the back window.
I’m blinded by green light (where are those shades?)
everything green — ground, sky canopy
warm green, warm light.
light that goes on into the night
long past dinner’s done.

clear blue rain now, not snow,
wetting and shining and polishing.

spring. pulls us from indoors with its young tendrils
irresistible as the Pied Piper,
calling camouflaged as bird whistle
looking for a mate in the verdant haze.


Light Opens the Landscape
light opens the landscape
the far hill spills
its shadow on the field’s edge
bright green shoots preen
like young girls in a mirror
and the red winged blackbirds
wing from wire to wire along the road,
sing a song of now.


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  1. I was out in the garden today, singing a song of now. I’m digging these poems!

  2. Beautifully written, Gail. Couldn’t have said it better myself! I’d love to read what you might write about the pending doom and gloom in the fall season, when it comes!

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