TUESDAY: The Good Luck Charm


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LINDA REACHED into her pocket searching for the smooth beach stone that she always carried with her for good luck. She would caress it often, always remembering the day that she first found it. She was happy then. She had met him the week before and they had just started dating. They went to the beach for the weekend. While walking along the water’s edge they spotted the medallion-like stone, washed smooth by years of the waves tumbling it across the sands. He bent down to pick it up, and handed it to her saying “for good luck.”

That seems like so many ages ago, it was at least little Susan’s lifetime ago. Susan had never known her father. He left Linda at the end of that fateful summer, and was never heard from again. Linda kept searching the area for her good luck charm, but was ready to give up. Just then Susan came running from the other end of the yard smiling and laughing. “Look mommy, look what I found,” as she handed Linda the beach stone. “It is so pretty. Is it good luck, mommy?”

“It is now sweetheart,” Linda said smiling. And this time it was good luck because it was given in a pure love that would last forever, and not fade away with the summer breeze.