MONDAY: beneath my skin


Copyright is held by the author.

it’s here again
the fear, again
it thrashes from within

the butterflies
have fangs and claws
that scratch beneath my skin

it doesn’t show
i’m silent, calm

on the outside, ever still

years of practice
fronting, hiding

the mask i wear, tranquil

it speaks again
i’m weak again
its whispers still my soul


locked in my mind
will i be swallowed whole?


Image of Larissa Benfey, staring straight into the camera, on a pink background, long wavy glamorous hair and smiling.

Larissa is a writer, actor, and educator. She writes everything from novels to screenplays, and has recently become more intentional in the exploration of her neurodivergence within her writing. As someone who firmly believes in writing what she knows, she is constantly learning new things — like how it feels to get caught in the undertow of a wave, or jump out of an airplane at 14,000 feet. All in the name of research — and fun, of course. You can find Larissa on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok @larissabenfey or on her website,