TUESDAY: Thank You for the Flowers


Copyright is held by the author.

An operatic rustling of
crepe, silk and ribbon,
and the grand unveiling
revealed the setting sun
wrought into a bouquet.

A few sleek snips
and the slender stems
shook off a crowded
foliage of peripheral

Life giving water tumbled
into a crystal jar: a
weird symphony of crazy
shapes. A sprinkling of
magic powder and tiny
bubbles burst everywhere.

Shades of peach, remnants
of orange, hints of red,
and the quietest whisper
of the heart of a sun…
Majestically, each flower
took its place around the
vase. As each assumed a
proud stance, an epic
round table of knights
sat in glorious attendance.

Peeking from amid these
nobles, suddenly rose a
shy spray of baby’s breath:
a calm core at the heart
of a raging storm.

and now
i stand in this
radiant glow,
and i

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