FRIDAY NOTES & NEWS: Looking for a Writers Group?

Our Writing Circle meetings, led by CommuterLit editor Nancy Kay Clark, are restarting for the Fall. We will meet over Zoom once a month until June. No prep work (other than your own writing) is involved. During the meetings, we take turns reading our work-in-progress and give feedback to each other — therefore the groups are small. Spots are available in existing groups; but new groups can also be formed.

Interested? Read this.

Contributors News

CL editor Nancy Kay Clark co-hosts a podcast called, “Mom and Son Book Reviews.” Here’s the latest edition.

Gail M. Murray’s travel piece Fairy Tale Trail—Touring the French Renaissance, one castle at a time has been published in Our Canada Magazine October/November 2021.

Her poem “Attenti ai Gatti” has been published in The Beauty of Being Elsewhere, an anthology of travel poems edited by John B. Lee. 

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