FRIDAY: Like in the Magazines


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I WAS making the wreath — you know, the one with the pom poms? But I burned myself with the hot glue gun. So I ditched that idea and then I thought I’d do something simple — like print my own wrapping paper, like on Youtube. But I cut myself making the potato stamps and bled all over the craft paper. It’s not funny. No, no, I am not crying — that would be stupid. I just wanted Christmas to be perfect for once — like in the magazines. Can you just come and pick me up? I’m at the ER; I needed stitches.

Here’s to an imperfect holiday season. Our next post will be on Monday, Jan. 9, 2017. Happy Holidays!


  1. Michael Joll

    Hah, hah! Just what I wanted after returning from the hospital this morning. Hope you get over the cut and burn in time to enjoy Christmas, Nancy! I look forward to next year’s offerings.

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