The Land Without You & Other Stories

The Land Without You & Other Stories
By Andrea Ferrari Kristeller

Paperback: $7.99

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In the rainforest of Misiones (Argentina), an aged Palo Rosa tree witnesses the arrival and extinction of white people. In a world where trees sing to each other and natives try to hold onto their traditional way of life, a love story develops between two very different beings: a white biologist and a Mbya Guaraní taken by the spirit of a jaguar. Both live at the margins of their respective cultures, creating a brief bridge during apocalyptic times.

The short stories explore the many mysteries that still exist in the rainforest, its past and its possible futures, highlighting the need to respect the jungle and its inhabitants.

A portion of its proceeds from this book will be donated to Mbya Guarani projects in Jasy Pora village and Güira Oga Wildlife rehabilitation Centre, both in Iguazú.

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