Reinventing Rita

Reinventing Rita
by Nancy Christie

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Is 50 too old to start over and reinvent yourself?

In Reinventing Rita, that’s what Rita Reynolds has to decide after a series of unwelcome occurrences arrive in time for her 50th birthday. First, she learns that her college-age son would rather spend the summer with his new girlfriend rather than at home with his mother. Then comes the unpleasant news that her part-time job might be ending, which will toss her back into the job market. Underscoring it all is the realization that since her divorce, she’s been coasting on the highway of life. Now, it’s time to hit the gas and start moving ahead, despite the bumps in the road that keep slowing her down! A chance to teach a six-week baking class brings Rita’s almost-forgotten dream of becoming a professional baker back to the surface. But can she overcome her fear that it might be too late for a midlife makeover? With the help of her friends, including her employer Donna and her ex-husband’s second wife Karen, she’s about to find out.

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