The Prince of Sudland

The Prince of Sudland: Escape from the Palace
by Nancy Kay Clark

Paperback: CAN$20

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Eleven-year-old Prince Argus of Sudland, known as Gus the Fuss, suspects the “accident” that left him with terrible scars, was no accident. Someone is trying to kill off the royal family. But he can’t get the new king (his older brother Rudy), or his sister Willa, or anyone at the palace to believe him. His scars are so bad, they won’t even look at him anymore — never mind listen to him. Another attack from the shadows forces Gus to flee the palace. In disguise and with the help of his one trusted friend, a housemaid named Anna, Gus sets out into the wide world to find out who’s behind the attacks. Now Gus is an ex-prince, hiding his scarred face, dressed in rags, mucking out barns, rescuing telepathic birds and being chased through a deep dark forest. Can he make his way back to the palace in time to save Rudy and Willa from the culprit, who is determined to steal the throne of Sudland?

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