Last year, Mitchell Toews had stories in nine periodicals, including one, “Sweet Caporal,” that appeared in Virginia lit mag Rivanna Review and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. This was the writer’s third Pushcart nomination. Another story, “Fetch” was one of 11 finalists in a national field of over 800 entries in the Writers’ Union of Canada’s Short Prose Competition for Emerging Writers.
In early 2022, Rivanna Review will reprise his story “Sweet Caporal” with a sequel piece in the same Whiteshell Park boreal setting and era, titled “Hundred Miles an Hour.”

Felix Imonti’s short story “In the Details” is in the anthology Dark City Crime Magazine. He also has a short story, “Student Teaching”, in the anthology Artificial Divide.

Nancy Kay Clark’s short story, “Felt in her Bones” appears in an anthology of dragon stories, Crunchy with Ketchup.

Listen to an audio recording of Purabi Sinha Das read her poem “My Father’s House.”

Sharon Frayne’s YA novel, The Sound of a Rainbow, which won the 2020 Muskoka Novel Marathon, has just landed a publishing contract with Latitude 46 Publishing. The novel will be launched in 2023.

Connie Lynn Cook‘s new novel Follow the Money, a Diana Darling Private Investigator Novel is a rom-com mystery. It’s available to purchase online. 

Douglas J. Ogurek edited UNSPLATTERPUNK! 4, published by Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction. The anthology features six stories that “unite the gruesome contents of the splatterpunk subgenre with the millennia-old notion that art should offer moral instruction.” Learn more.

Wes Payton’s new novella, Oblong, is now available both in print as well in an eBook format.

Harry Posner‘s award winning novella Peggy Lee’s Delicious Lips is now available as an audiobook from

Phyllis Humby, Frank T. Sikora, Michael Joll and Nancy Kay Clark are among those who collaborated on a publication of a new short story anthology called Our Plan to Save the World. Read about the anthology on Phyllis’ blog.

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  1. “Read and vote for Mitchell’s story here.” Thx NKC! I died on Deathmatch. A noble death, but still – I’m out. Kinda like Francis Macomber, it felt good to take myself out of my comfort zone and write in a different style. Also, meeting my alter-ego, “Arlo” was interesting! He may return, to speak his foul-mouthed truth. Cheers – m

  2. Looking forward to the paper edition.

    Doug Hawley (smart car)

  3. Wes Payton’s new book Downstate Illinois is now available:

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