Brooklin Poetry Society invites you to join their online workshop, hosted by Whitby (Ontario) Public Library, on Saturday, April 24, 2:00-3:30. Sign up here.

David Datz‘s novel Scalies is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and the Apple book store (search for “david datz”).

Renee Ebert’s first published novel Until The Darkness Goes is featured on a website:  www.darknessgoes.comThe novel is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo in paperback and electronically. The website contains a link to an interview with Renee.

Laurel Kerry‘s poem “The Tree of Thought” has won an Honourable Mention in a Pandemic Poetry Contest.

Alyson Faye is in the process of setting up an indie horror press with writer/collaborator Stephanie Ellis. Black Angel Press will aim to publish women (and those identifying as women) writers — from all walks of life, but especially those starting out.

Its debut publication is Shadow Bound: A Gothic Quartet by Alyson Faye and Stephanie Ellis. A call out anthology for women horror writers and a dark poetry publication is planned.

Harry Posner‘s award winning novella Peggy Lee’s Delicious Lips is now available as an audiobook from

Phyllis Humby, Frank T. Sikora, Michael Joll and Nancy Kay Clark are among those who collaborated on a publication of a new short story anthology called Our Plan to Save the World. Read about the anthology on Phyllis’ blog.

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  1. “Read and vote for Mitchell’s story here.” Thx NKC! I died on Deathmatch. A noble death, but still – I’m out. Kinda like Francis Macomber, it felt good to take myself out of my comfort zone and write in a different style. Also, meeting my alter-ego, “Arlo” was interesting! He may return, to speak his foul-mouthed truth. Cheers – m

  2. Looking forward to the paper edition.

    Doug Hawley (smart car)

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