Heather Rath‘s story “Someone I Used to Know” won Third Place in the Niagara CAA Fifteen Stories High Short Story Contest 2019.

Gail M. Murray has two book reviews of current Canadian novels published on The Ottawa Review of Books. They are: The Dutch Wife by Ellen Keith and The Gown by Jennifer Robson.

Tom Minder’s second novel The House Always Wins was published by Black Rose Writing in October 2018.

Sheila Hornes‘ new novel, Place in the Sun has been released by Friesen Press. It’s the third book in her Sun series.

Jacob Parsons has started a lit mag! It is called Slippage Lit.

Phyllis Humby, Frank T. Sikora, Michael Joll and Nancy Kay Clark are among those collaborating in the upcoming publication of a new short story anthology called Our Plan to Save the World. Read about the anthology on Phyllis’ blog.

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  1. Mitchell Toews

    “Read and vote for Mitchell’s story here.” Thx NKC! I died on Deathmatch. A noble death, but still – I’m out. Kinda like Francis Macomber, it felt good to take myself out of my comfort zone and write in a different style. Also, meeting my alter-ego, “Arlo” was interesting! He may return, to speak his foul-mouthed truth. Cheers – m

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