Lomas, Jonathan

Jonathan Lomas

After 15 years as a health policy professor at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, and 10 years as the head of a research foundation in Ottawa Jonathan Lomas started getting retirement clues from my colleagues — honorary doctorates, fellowships in societies and, when he was too thick to realize what they meant, the Order of Canada. He finally got the message in 2008 and retired in Ottawa. With time on his hands he decided to embark on new endeavours that would keep him learning: beekeeping, curling and creative writing. After six years he’s on his third draft of a mystery novel built around the strange death of the painter Tom Thomson, a forerunner of the Group of Seven. As light relief from the complexity and challenge of a novel Jonathan took to writing short stories, only to discover that they were even more challenging and complex! Oh well, it’s all part of keeping on learning.

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