Lofthouse, Irene

Irene LofthouseIrene Lofthouse is an author, playwright, writing tutor, storyteller, and actor. Published work includes children’s collections Strange Tales in the Dales and Strange Tales in Bradford Dale. Her work appeared in The Understory
(26/WoodlandTrust), Armistice
100 Days
(26/IWM); 26 Postcodes
( ); 26 Pairs of Eyes ( ); Tyto Alba (Comma Press); Stories from Stone (Gizmo) and the 2019 Bloomsbury Festival. Her story “Cat and Mouse” was a selected winner in the 2019 Waterloo Festival competition.

Irene’s taken a one-woman show to Edinburgh (4*), appeared in films, on TV and radio, and is currently in the fourth year of touring her one-woman show Words, Women & War: Forgotten Female Voices of the Great War. She’s been Writer in Residence for charities, libraries, museums, theatres and community organizations. A creative facilitator, she uses words to inspire all ages. When not writing, Irene likes to do blue-sky thinking (watching clouds), indulge in ecotherapy (gardening) and practice physical intelligence (walking her dog Tully).

Reach her on Twitter @irene_lofthouse 

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