LaFollett, Kathy

Image of Kathy LaFollett with a parrot

Kathy LaFollett grew up in Mendota, Illinois — a farm community hemmed by corn and soybean fields. At the age of 12 she applied for a writing job at MAD Magazine. Alfred E Newman replied with a kind note declining her application due to age, but noting her talents. She realized her powers and into her 13th year forged her first book series, Mister Tic. The series was used as a writing curriculum aid for 6th graders in Mr. Jones’ English classes throughout his decades long teaching career.

She has a past life of a book reviewer for the likes of Top Shelf, Tokyo Pop, DC Comics, Fantagraphics, Star Trek Publishing, Atomic Basement, and Pocket Books. An online past life lives at Lincoln Heights Society and Kathy enjoys telling people over cocktails that her review for David Mack’s Star Trek: A Time to Heal, made the book’s back cover. Cheers!

A best-selling author on Amazon, and award winning digital artist in the States and Europe, she has published 11 books containing very relatable tales — fiction featuring the voices of wild and companion animals walking alongside humans and their conditions; a window into our own daily concerns and humanity; Aesop’s Fables from today’s social perspective; facts interspersed with fiction to move us along with a smile and a nod. In 2012, Kathy founded, the companion animal lifestyle advocacy brand site. Her current writing projects include weekly editorial pieces for FlockCall!, the third book of her Jack Crow Trilogy, and a science fiction comedy yet to be titled but guaranteed to be relatable.

She lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida with seven parrots, two dogs, one rabbit, a guinea pig, two lizards, and one loving, patient husband. Surrounded by a demanding conciliatory flock of barbarian Muscovy ducks and  an empirical murder of crow outside their home, she writes stories, feeds ducks, paints murals, calls her parents weekly, stays out of the kitchen for her husband’s sake, and actively supresses urges to do silly things before breakfast.

Twitter – @KathyLaFollett  |  Facebook – @the.kathy.lafollett

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