Lafleche, Andrew

Andrew LaflecheAndrew Lafleche is a poet, author, and journalist. His work covers topics such a spirituality, drugs, promiscuity, and alcohol, while using a spoken style of language to blend social criticism, philosophical reflection, explicit language, and black comedy.

Andrew enlisted in the Canadian Forces in 2007 and received an honourable discharge in 2014. He is the recipient of the 2016 John Newlove Poetry Award. His work has appeared in The Daily Observer, Bywords, Snapdragon, The Manhattanville Review, The Poet’s Haven, Lummox Press, CommuterLit, Raven Chronicles, Royal City Literary Arts Society, Havik, and various other national and international publications.

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Books by the Author: No Diplomacy (2015), Shameless (2016), A Pardonable Offence (2017), Ashes (2017), One Hundred Little Victories (2018) On Writing (2018)

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