Kavanagh, J. C.

Writing has always been a favourite activity for J.C. Kavanagh. Early career days revolved around the newspaper business as journalist and photographer and J.C. worked her way up to the role of editor. She was instrumental in launching a small newspaper, reporting local news and photographing people, events, sports games and the occasional crotchety politician. Her focus later shifted to the private sector, where, for 20 years, she worked in communications and marketing. In 2014, an unexpected business restructuring put a halt to her career and J.C., with the support of her partner, Ian, jumped full-time into creative writing — what she calls her “word movies.” Since that time, she’s written nine children’s picture books and two novels, including Darkness Descends, winner of the 2018 Critters Readers Poll for Best Young Adult Book and sequel to the award-winning The Twisted Climb (voted Best Young Adult book 2016, P&E Readers’ Award). J.C. lives in a small town north of Toronto where she finds copious writing ideas. Summers are spent harnessing the winds on Georgian Bay’s pristine waters. You can reach J.C. at www.facebook.com/j.c.kavanagh or Twitter @JCKavanagh1.

CommuterLit posts:

“The Twisted Climb: Darkness Descends”