Joll, Michael

Michael Joll

Michael Joll has been writing short fiction for 15 years. He spent much of his early life abroad and his stories frequently reflect the places where he has lived or visited during his travels. Historical fiction has become a particular favourite. He is the author of a collection of short stories, Perfect Execution and Other Stories, a contributor to the anthology, Our Plan To Save The World, published in 2018, and a soon to be published novel set in Flanders during the First World War. He has lived in Brampton, Ontario, for the past 40 years and currently serves as president of the Brampton Writers’ Guild.

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  5. Hi Michael,
    I had planned on chatting with you in Brampton today, but missed you. Anne had given me your e-mail (which you gave her at the first appointment) but it’s lost somewhere in the pile of research I’m working with for my next book.

  6. David,

    Mbj691@gmail will find me. Regards to Anne.
    Michael And Linda

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