Johnson, Kelly

Kelly Johnson (he) is standing in a white t-shirt, arms crossed, staring intemsely.

K. B. Johnson, creative and intellectual, is a native of the American South, born and raised in Atlanta. He currently resides west of the city where he is Principal Director of Chaos Studio Seven—the platform on which he writes and self-publishes stories.

He writes science fiction and often blends sci-fi into speculative, near future tales, romance, and horror. In the past three years, he has written fifteen short stories, including a flash; and last year, completed a third manuscript during his first attempt at National Novel Writing Month. The manuscript is a companion novel to his first self-published collection, Skies Over Tomorrow: Constellation (SOTC). Both are part of his Anthology of Mars omnibus. (SOTC earned a bronze medal in the 2018 eLit Awards.)

Currently, he is editing the direct follow-up to SOTC, Dream Synthesis.

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