Hawley, Doug

Doug HawleyDoug Hawley presently lives in Lake Oswego Oregon USA with editor Sharon and cat Kitzhaber. Before becoming a little old man, he was a younger little man who worked as a math teacher and then an actuary, living in Manhattan (KS), Atlanta, Louisville, Denver, LA and Marvy Marin in California. Before and after retiring, he has volunteered at the Marine Mammal Center and China Camp in California, and as an unpaid escort / roll model / pusher / wheel chair jockey, park steward and book seller. He snowshoes when the snow is appropriate and hikes otherwise.

After doing some writing in the 1990s, he restarted after reading local author Cheryl Strayed’s Wild. His output of a hundred or so “things” include humour, essays, fiction from the very short to novella and memoirs. For some reason, he is published more outside the US than in. The “things” are listed on Aberrant Word. It is unfortunate that many of the publications are no longer available.

New publication credits:

“Licorice” (sort of Lost World with people that have a sixth or seventh sense) in Written Tales

“Violators” (previously in defunct AWS) in Yellow Mama

“Extraterrestrial” in Literally Stories

“Wurst” (deliberate bad writing) in Trashheap

“Intimate” (cybersensuals) in World Of Myth

“Woke Up” (man turns away from Nirvana) in Spillwords

He is a twit @dougiamm

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