Frayne, Sharon

Sharon FrenchSharon Frayne recently swept the 2017 Niagara Rising Spirits writing contest with first place wins in Non-Fiction and Poetry and a third place win in Fiction Writing. She has appeared as a guest reader at the Carmel Arts Festival, the CAA Ontario Conference, Niagara Reads, and at the NOTL Strawberry Festival. She was the 2014 national winner in the Stage of Life writing website contest. Her book Caught Between the Walls , recently released by Bygones Publishing, is available on Amazon and on her website,

Sharon was raised on a farm in Southern Ontario, and studied Journalism, Fine Art and English Literature. She holds degrees from the University of Western Ontario, the University of Toronto and Brock University. She is a member of the NOTL Writer’s Circle and the Canadian Author’s Association. She is also an artist and her works are regularly exhibited in galleries in Southern Ontario and in private homes.

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