Q & A with Larry Flewin

Introducing contributor Larry Flewin

We continue our series of short Q & A interviews with CommuterLit contributors. Larry Flewin was raised and educated in Winnipeg. His passion for writing spans everything from a song (which won a CBC Radio contest) to corporate newsletters and brochures, children’s books, and e-zine mystery fiction.

CL: Your genre of choice for writing seems to be short-story mystery. Why?

LF: I suppose I’m in the short-story genre because I enjoy the creative process so much. It’s the challenge of creating a logical, readable, and enjoyable story out of nothing but a germ of truth, your imagination, and a pen. Adding a mystery or a twist at the end is just sauce to the goose.

CL: Which do you prefer short-story or long-form fiction writing?

LF: Although my success to date has all been with short stories, I much prefer the long form of writing. With the short form I simply sit down with an idea and bang it out in a couple of hours. The long form requires a more formal approach, mapping out chapters, plot details, and research, all in advance of putting pen to paper. Both have a creative drive that I enjoy, but the long form has that extra appeal of deeper character development and a fuller story to be told.

CL: The mystery genre is crowded. As a writer, how are you carving out a space/audience for yourself?

LF: To be honest I’m not really trying to carve out any kind of space/audience for my work. I write therefore I am — so to speak. I have written children’s stories, business publications and newsletters, mystery shorts, and two PI novellas. I believe that a well-written story will succeed on its own in any genre, so what I try to offer is a well-written story that is readable and enjoyable.

CL: What authors are you currently reading?

LF: Peter Ames Carlin: Bruce (Springsteen’s biography). I very much admire the man and his music. I work in a steel plant so a lot of it rings true for me. George RR Martin: A Dance with Dragons (recommended by a good friend). It’s a long read but I enjoy the characters, and the complexity of the plot. PG Wodehouse: Easy Money. I’ve always been a big fan of his writing style and humour. I enjoyed the BBC TV series immensely.