Choudhary, Reena

Reena Choudhary was born and raised in India. As a child, Reena wrote poetry in her diary. She has also used poetry to recover from mental illness. I graduated with Honours in literature from Delhi University (INDIA) and also completed a one-year Diploma in Tourism. She worked as a senior executive in logistics company, and at an immigration company.

Poetry has an important connection between heart, soul and mind. But the connection that interests Reena the most is emotion itself. Poetry, she believes, makes us feel alive in a way that nothing else can. She likes poems that express loving, healing and touching feelings, which we all can relate to. She concentrates her eye on colour, shape, people, animals and nature.

Her poetry has been published on and in (The Pangolin Review). She is currently working on a book of poetry, which she is also illustrating. 

CommuterLit posts:

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